(94-3937) Cat.6 Crossover Cable Gray Wire/Green Boot

Crossover Ethernet cables are designed to connect two devices, such as computers, game machines directly. Standard Ethernet cables (called "straight through" as opposed to crossover) require that a device be connected to a switch or hub before communicating with another device. A crossover cable switches the wires, allowing the devices to bypass the hub or switch.

 * Certification: TIA/EIA
 * T568B (AT&T 258A) Wired 
 * UTP Unshielded Twist Pair
 * CM Type PVC Jacket
 * 24AWG 4pair Stranded Copper Wire
 * 50 Micron Gold Plated RJ45 Plug
 * Gray color cable with green boots
 * RoHS compliant

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