(47-2031) EL3500 KVM Extender DVI + USB 2.0 over 500m Cat 5e

The EL3500 KVM Extender lets you place a computer up to 1640 ft (500m) away from the work area, connected with a single inexpensive Cat 5e (or better) cable. The system supports HD video and USB 2.0, including control of the keyboard, mouse, webcam, flash drive, speakers, microphone and other USB devices.

  • HD Video: DVI compressed, 1680 x 1050 resolution, 24-bit color depth supported at 1640 ft (500m). Resolution does not degrade with distance.
  • Long Distance: Supports Fiber Optic distances with Cat 5e.
  • Audio: Integrated two channel audio with microphone and headphone I/O.
  • USB 2.0 Support: USB 2.0 supporting all device types with throughput up to 80Mbps.
  • OS Support: Compatible with all major operating systems. No drivers required.
  • Installation Ease: True plug and play (no set up required). Utilizes a single Cat 5e (or better) cable for desktop extension simplifying installation.
  • Rack Mountable: Allows for up to two units to be mounted in a 19″/1U rack mount kit.

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Price $839.00
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